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Friday, October 4, 2013

PTU Tutorial, Suitable for Novice Photoshop Users

Okay, today I have a basic tag tutorial. This should be suitable for novice users of Photoshop. That being said you should still be familiar with your program enough to know how to add elements etc. If anyone needs a more basic tutorial, feel free to comment below and I will see if I can help. I am pretty pleased with this tag, it is simple and uncluttered, the kit really shows off the beautiful art of the tube. The two seem made for each other.

As always click on image to view at full size!

This tutorial was created using Photoshop Elements 5.

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and not intentional. Please do not post this tutorial in part or whole anywhere else, but instead link back to my blog.
 It is assumed that you will have a good working knowledge of Photoshop Elements.

*Reminder, when I state, resize, it means to decrease the size. It is a direct violation of TOU to increase the size of a tube from it's original size.

The beautiful tube I am using is by Giada Calò- Autumn Witch, you need a license to use it. The very versatile kit is by Whispy's D'zines "Faerie Magick" . You will find both at Digital Chaos. Don't forget to look around at all the other wonderful things offered there ;)

As always, this tutorial is meant as a guide only.

Let's get started....

Elements used-
el10 x2
el11 x2

font used  CK Script

1. Open a new document, Ctrl + N, 700x700 pixels. We will resize everything at the end

2. Add paper1. Using Cookie Cutter Tool, select a frame (I used Frame 5) and apply to the paper. Now go to Special Effects- Bevels- Scalloped Edge, settings-9px, direction up.

3. Place tube behind frame, resize to fit. Place el21 behind tube and resize.

4. Add el2 to the very back and use in place of a mask.

5. Begin adding elements, use my example as a guide. Resize as needed. Apply a drop shadow to each element if needed.

6. Some elements are flipped horizontally, you should adjust them to suit your taste.

7. Resize and crop to desired size.

8. Last add your copyright info and license number and name or phrase. This should be done last because any resizing can cause the copyright to become hard to read.

Now save as a .png and you are done.

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